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Introduction to gemstones

Which gemstone is best for you?

The gemstone that you are most drawn to is probably the one that you need in your life. Our macrame touchstones are perfect for when this kind of healing energy and support is required.

Gemstone guideline

Discover the magical properties of gemstones

Amanzonite: courage and truth

Amethyst: spiritual growth, concentration, calmness

Apatite: manifestation, clarity, motivation

Aquamarine: calming, courage, reduces stress

Black onyx: fertility, protection

Chrysoprase: communication, balance, creativity

Citrine: joy, happiness, prosperity

Crystal quartz: healing, balance

Lapis lazuli: stress relief, peace, tranquility

Moonstone: love, increases fertility and regulates cycles

Ocean jasper: joy and high spirits, awareness

Carnelian: emotional warmth, creativity, individuality

Rhodocrosite: friendship, compassion, tolerance

Rose quartz: universal love, harmony, acceptance

Ruby zoisite: courage, passion, self esteem

Smoky quartz: removes fear, anxiety and negativity

Turquoise: protection, grounding, courage

"Selfcare means giving yourself permission to pause"

- Cecilia Tran


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