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December birthstones: Turquoise & Tanzanite

Tanzanite and turquoise are December birthstones, but I thought I would focus on the lesser known Tanzanite.
Tanzanite is only found in a very small mining area of Tanzania where it was first discovered in 1967. It's known for its captivating violet blue tones and was declared the gemstone of the 20th century by Tiffany's of New York who created many collections using this faceted stone. 
In 2020 a small time miner unearthed two massive rocks with a combined weight of 15kgs, and became an overnight millionaire as this was the biggest find ever of this beautiful crystal.
Apart from its unusual colour, Tanzanite is said to have many benefits. It is said to unite the heart and mind, teaching us to live from a compassionate place with an illuminated mind. 
Tanzanite stimulates the throat chakra, third-eye chakra, and crown chakra and  activates our psychic abilities and vibratory rate, facilitating communication with the higher spiritual dimensions, hence known as the stone of transformation. 
At Pebbles and Chance we have a couple of very beautiful tanzanite rings in our new ring collection should you feel drawn to this beautiful crystal.
Tanzanite ring
Also, we want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and to thank you all who have supported us along our journey.
It's been a challenging year as the world is undergoing stress tests that we never quite imagined. Keep your loved ones close, keep positive, and keep shining, we will get through this.
Love Pebbles & Camilla 


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