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November birthstones: Citrine & Topaz

November has two birthstones, topaz and citrine. Both of these gemstones have yellowish golden hues and hence relate to the month of November.

It is quite easy to confuse these two beauties, but topaz does actually come in a rainbow of colours, whilst good quality citrine is that intense warm yellow that I particularly adore.  In Vedic astrology yellow stones are briefed to enhance the financial position, relationships, health and career.

First up...Topaz. This is quite a hard stone that can be found as tiny crystals and also whopping great rocks. It also comes in a variety of colours, but the most prized being a deep orange hue. This noble gemstone is associated with strength, determination and resilience and is said to enhance ones spiritual journey and promote wisdom.
Citrine is  also hard on the moher scale...a 7, I believe. It is much yellower in hue. Citrine is said to be a lucky stone, one that promotes the power of positivity and attracts the pleasures of life. I always keep a small piece of citrine in my purse as it is said to be helpful in preserving wealth!!
Both of these stones look fabulous worn with gold as their yellow and orange tones just compliment the golden ore oh so well!


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