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April birthstone: Diamond

As April is the birthstone month of the diamond, we thought we would just shine a little light on the term "polki" diamond, as these are the kind of diamonds we use quite often in our jewelry and we often refer to as "diamond slice" jewelry.

In essence, Polkis are unpolished diamonds cut following their original form and set with a backing of either silver or gold foil to reflect the light. This craft was first brought to the Indian subcontinent by the Mughals some 2500 years ago and the actual technique of setting the stones is called "jadau". This technique is used to create kundan and polki jewelry and is highly skilled and hence this part of our work is performed in India where this particular craft is practised. 

 Polki diamond slices
Nowadays, these diamonds are laser cut and the slices are lightly faceted. These diamonds come in varying degrees of quality depending on colour and clarity.
We hope this sheds a little light on this ancient technique used with this spiritual stone, the diamond, that represents perfection and illumination.


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